gj gear leash

gj's are constructed of 400 pound monofilament fishing line crimped with aluminum sleeves. The double wrapped loops on the gj ends are designed to keep the loop strong and open and can support a wide variety of terminal connectors like carabineers, velcro strips, zip ties or key rings but you can use anything you want to latch onto your gear. We included a carabiner and Velcro strip in your package but the carabiner is not stainless steel and will fail after constant use in salt water. There are stainless steel carabiners available at your local hardware store but you may want to consider quick links. They are available in stainless steel and the screw lock is a lot more reliable and will withstand a higher load.

gjs were designed to serve as safety lanyards for kayaker gear but we have found that they are used for just about any gear or equipment that you don't feel like losing. Just out of the package, gjs are about 2 feet long. after some use, they will naturally strech to 3 to four feet. under a load, gjs will strech out to about 20 feet. if you keep it under a load for an extended period of time, it will not compact back to its working length of 3 to four feet. But, if you compress it and put in in some boiling water for a few minutes, it will return to its normal operating length.

gj's have a circular aluminum identification tag on one end. As you can see, they are blank. If you have an engraver, you can just carve your name, your business name or whatever design you want. Of course, you can also use your imagination and do what I do. I will find some piece of metal with an interesting shape and put it on the gj while it is laying on the flat hard steel plate on my vice (of course any sturdy hunk of metal will do). Then, I take a 3-pound sledge and smack the fool out of the piece of metal and it leaves an indentation on the gj. I've used nails to punch holes in the tag as well. You can make some interesting designs if you want.

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